Adaptogens: Can They Really Make You Look and Feel Better?

Herbs have made their way into mainstream wellness and are considered staple items amongst the modern health conscious adult. Maybe you sip some maca or sprinkle turmeric on your smoothies most days. But are you using the best herbs for you personally? Adaptogens may be just what you need.

So, the big question. What are adaptogens and are they the real deal? Adaptogens are herbs thought to adapt to an individual’s specific needs, while protecting against a variety of stressors – physical, psychological, and environmental. Adaptogenic herbs, or Chinese herbs, have long been used in herbal medicine and have developed more than a blind following.

Studies done by Dr. Panossian, a leading authority on adaptogens, found that adaptogens have therapeutic effects in some stress-induced and stress-related disorders, age-related disorders, and chronic diseases. What’s interesting is that adaptogens appear to “activate stress-induced self-defence mechanisms” and diminish feelings of stress on the body. This means that they react differently in everyone who takes them, offering the benefits you need at the time. Sort of like tailor-made herbs, just for you.

Ok, so what are these bountiful little herbs and where can you get your hands on them? There are several herbs considered to hold adaptogenic properties. Rhodiola tops the list with benefits said to boost feelings of energy and focus, something most of us need for the daily grind. This herb is also thought to diminish the sensations of depression and tension. Rhodiola is associated with the feeling of mild stimulation and is not advised for those taking MAOI medication.

Do you tend to get sick often or feel run down? Suma is often recommended to provide a feeling of boosted immunity and lend a sensation of balance and good health. Perfect for use by those dealing with hormonal imbalance and athletes looking to increase feelings of stamina.

Battling the constant pressures of life? Holy basil is a good choice for people with hectic lifestyles. This adaptogen quells feelings of anxiety and alleviates discomfort associated with stress.

Use of the adaptogen ashwaganda has become increasingly popular for everything from arthritis to insomnia. While it is perfect as a daily supplement to ease feelings of everyday stress, this herb also helps to diminish feelings of discomfort, instill a sensation of mental clarity and boosted energy, and balance the mood.

A species of asparagus, shatavari is commonly used in Ayurveda to bestow feelings of supported health in women. The herb promotes the feeling of sustained energy and overall wellbeing.

Mushrooms seem to be everywhere these days and reishi is an adaptogenic superstar. This beauty supports feelings of balanced mood and stress levels, improves sensations of mental clarity and a healthy immune system, and makes you feel calm and alert. Reishi is a great place to start when adding adaptogens to your daily routine.

Speaking of mushrooms … they happen to be great when applied topically too. If you haven’t already, check out La Bella Figura’s latest serum made with ergothioneine, an amino acid taken from mushrooms (including reishi) and other adaptogenic ingredients to make skin look and feel like a million bucks!

Check out all of our adaptogen supplements. We have something for everyone and all of our items are easy and pleasant to use. Get ready to check feelings of stress and the issues that come with it off your list.



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