How to Perk Up Pale Skin Fast

You’re going along, enjoying your fall. Then it happens. One day you look in the mirror and something is different. You’ve changed. Maybe you’ve had an autumnal enlightenment (and if so, yay you!) but what we are talking about here is the dreaded mid-season slump … pale skin.

If your radiant days of summer are a mere memory, there are ways to perk up your skin tone in an instant. Choose one or several appearance enhancers from our list and get ready to glow.

How to Beat the Mid-Season Skin Slump and Get Your Glow Back

  1. Foundation Modification: So, you love your foundation and can’t bear to think of parting with it. And we totally get that! But if you aren’t switching things up for the season, you may be making your pale skin situation worse. The hue you use in the summer may cause your skin to look orange or unnatural when the weather cools down. Going lighter doesn’t have to mean you’ll look paler. The better your foundation matches your natural skin tone, the better your complexion will look. Keep this in mind and choose for your current skin tone. Need help selecting the right foundation shade for your skin? Let us know, we are happy to help!
  2. Serums With Spirit: Did you know that certain natural ingredients used in serums and facial oils brighten the skin and create a healthy appearance? It’s true. Ingredients like sea buckthorn and carrot seed oils visibly breathe life into pale skin, creating a look of natural glow. One to try is Maya Chia The Super Couple to make skin look recharged and rejuvenated right away. Plus, it’s richly moisturizing and makes skin feel cushiony soft. Perfect for fall and winter.
  3. Bronzing Beauty: Think bronzer is just for summer? This beauty item is a year-round essential and does wonders for sallow, lifeless cold weather skin. It’s all about choosing the right product. If you feel powder bronzer is too much this time of year, we have something you are going to love. Gressa Minimalist Contouring Serum Bronzer is a neutral bronze shade, so it matches all skin tones, even fair skin tone. And it’s made with ingredients to make skin look and feel its best. This will be your new favorite of the season.
  4. Blush Crush: Of course, blush is a key player in your vibrant skin arsenal. Cult favorite RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek is multitasking beauty at its best and Spell, a dusty rose nude, makes a great bronzey hue for pale and fair skin. Added bonus, use on lips too for a minimalist look that’s polished and classic.
  5. Skincare Essentials: All of the above will help to banish the look of pale, lifeless skin in a flash. But taking good care of your skin means it will reward you with a naturally luminous appearance. Use ingredients that support the look of healthy skin, like adaptogens and plant-based retinols, and get skin feeling revved up and visibly glowing with gua sha massage. Investing in healthy skincare practices will keep your complexion looking its best straight through the chilly season.




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