La Bella Figura’s Innovative New Face Serum is Next Level Beauty

Facial serums are certainly no flash-in-the pan beauty product. Serums made a big splash when they hit the green beauty scene a few years back and have only been gaining in popularity and selection. Safe to say, this product has firmly established its spot as a beauty kit essential.

As with most things green beauty, facial serums vary in quality and effectiveness. There are many different designs, from those that address signs of acne, to formulas that improve the appearance of redness, to blends designed specifically for mature skin, and more. But if the serum is not made of carefully curated, high quality ingredients, you may as well not bother using it at all.

The lovely ladies of La Bella Figura Beauty have never been known to skimp on the use of powerful and rare ingredients. And that integrity extends to how they source ingredients, as well.

Take the brand’s latest creation, for example. Vitamin D + Ergothioneine Deep Serum Adaptogenic Concentrate is the newest addition to the La Bella Figura lineup. Sounds amazing, right? And it is!

Staying true to their exotic ingredient ethos, La Bella Figura included a new-to-the-brand, not to mention the entirety of green beauty, addition in this exquisite serum. Ergothioneine is a naturally-occurring amino acid found in fungus. In this case, from a brand-exclusive blend of reishi, shitake, and black truffle mushroom extracts. Ergothioneine appears to function as a potent intra-mitochondrial antioxidant to promote an appearance of beautiful, youthful skin.

Now you may be wondering, what is an adaptogenic deep serum and how does it differ from regular serum? A deep serum is comprised of ingredients considered to be “super antioxidants”, like ergothioneine and Vitamin D, to enhance the look of vibrant, healthy skin. “Adaptogenic” refers to the process in which plant extracts lend a sensation of protection and restoration from environmental stressors.

The aloe base means the serum has a non-greasy, softening, cushiony feel on skin. Supporting players gotu kola, moringa, and schisandra leave the complexion with a luminous, even toned appearance.

Let’s go straight to the source for more info on this glorious new serum, plus a behind-the-scenes on what’s truly going on in the green beauty industry. Read on for our interview with La Bella Figure Co-Founder VictoriaFantauzzi.

Interview With La Bella Figura’s Victoria Fantauzzi

Aurum Rose: How did you decide to use mushrooms in your new serum?

Victoria Fantauzzi: Mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D and ergothioneine and we knew we needed this powerful antioxidant and amino acid in our new serum, so we found mushrooms and black truffles with high sources of both. We always want the best ingredients in our formulas.

AR: Do you have a special way of sourcing and producing your mushroom extract?

VF: We do! First, we work with producers that can supply us with wild or organic ingredients and we take these ingredients into our lab where we produce our own extract. In this case we use a cold method extraction that takes 4-6 weeks before our extract is ready to filter and use in a small batch formula. We love figuring out ways to make our ingredients work effectively in our products.

AR: How does this serum differ from your other serums?

VF: This serum is for anyone and everyone because we should all be taking care to strengthen and protect our lipid layer as well as help keep our skin clear and bouncy. It offers quite a few adaptogenic ingredients and focuses on recovery. Every day our cells are exposed to free radical damage, so it’s important to help counteract those attacks with a product like this made with vitamin D and ergothioneine, known to help protect cell damage.

AR: Can you tell us more on how you source your ingredients, why selective ingredient sourcing is so important, and how your process differs from other skincare manufacturers?

VF: We source our ingredients by experiencing them. We take our jobs so seriously and are like chefs when it comes to quality. We study the ones we are interested in and, if possible, we visit producers to see how the ingredient is grown, extracted, or produced. We love meeting our farmers, growers, and producers and learning from them. Their pride and passion for ingredients is still extremely motivating to us. It’s hard work with little payoff, but it’s also the most crucial part of our business because without quality ingredients we believe we cannot make excellent skincare products.

AR: Is there a way for consumers to tell how a brand sources their ingredients?

VF: Not really. Some people believe certified organic products are the answer, but even certified organic products can use ingredients that are processed, deodorized, and filtered, so they lose their viability. We’d rather use wild or biodynamic ingredients that yield higher concentrations of nutrients.

AR: What are your concerns with the current state of the green beauty industry?

VF: I think in some ways it’s becoming more exciting and yet troublesome. It’s important for consumers to study and research how to balance ingredients so they are effective and address their skin issues. I like to see other brands that are developing smart formulas and doing new things. I really don’t think we need another green beauty face balm on the market, but we do need to figure out how to make innovative formulas, like bigger mainstream brands without all the harmful ingredients.

For best results, apply Vitamin D + Ergothioneine Deep Serum Adaptogenic Concentrate morning and night onto clean skin. Pairs well with LBF’s best selling Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Cream Virtuosa, and Aria Night Treatment

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