La Flora: The story and the inspiration

Today we’re chatting with Victoria Fantauzzi, the beautiful founder of La Bella Figura beauty, to discuss the inspiration and the story behind La Flora. La Flora is our exclusive collaboration with La Bella Figura Beauty and we are so honored to bring this extremely rare and extraordinary product to our beloved customers.

The Beauty Behind La Flora: Victoria Fantauzzi

  1. What excites you the most about La Flora?

I’m excited to share an intimate part of my experience in Italy with customers and anyone seeking a truly nourishing facial oil.

  1. What was your inspiration?

Italy and long standing traditions combined with art and beauty. This product was created in my head while taking a memorable hike in the Liguria region of Italy. I took mental and olfactive notes of the entire experience. Then I fell in love with the story of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. She was ahead of her time.

  1. What makes La Flora so unique?

The scent is what you’ll notice first. It’s soft and delicate and almost smells like a perfume in itself, but here’s the excellent part…La Flora is barbary fig seed oil infused with another ingredient from the same plant, Opuntia Ficus Indica. It’s like deconstructing the plant and combining it into itself. I think it’s pretty cool to find another part to use and bring it into our formula. You get an extra boost of amino acids and B vitamins plus the loveliest scent.

  1. What makes Barbary Fig Cactus Flower so special?

I think where they are grown near the sea adds a special element to these flowering beauties. They are hand harvested and steam distilled only once a year for a boutique supply for perfumers and a few Italian alchemists. The flowers are precious because each flower develops into fruit and in Italy these fruits are used for eating and making delicious jams and liquors. Thank goodness someone decided to distill the essential oil from the flowers because the scent is unreal.

  1. What makes you feel like a goddess?

When I’m able to get seven straight hours of sleep I feel pretty damn goddess-like.

la flora face oil from la bella figure beauty
La Flora | Rare Face Oil


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