Winter Must Haves From Yenny Khan of Eco Chic Beauty

With the Winter Solstice just around the corner (December 21st to be exact), I’ve curated a list for Aurum Rose Beauty of my 15 absolute Winter Must Haves. Make yourself a cuppa tea (or hot cocoa, if you prefer), take a seat in your comfiest chair, and enjoy!

1. In Fiore | Complexe de Fleur: a fabulous skin elixir that’s like liquid gold! It smooths, firms, and plumps – it will bring even the most weather-worn skin back to life! ($160)

2. La Bella Figura | The Clean Slate Cleansing Balm – this butter-soft and super-concentrated cleansing balm cleans effortlessly while keeping the skin happy and hydrated. The best part is that it washes off with just water! ($60)

3. In Fiore | Lustra Cleansing Essence – Using this beautiful oil-based cleanser is the perfect way end the day. Intensely nourishing, it penetrates deeply to purify and cleanse without stripping the skin. Breathe in it’s highly-therapeutic floral aroma while removing it with a warm towel. Now breathe out. ($125)

4. La Bella Figura | Aria Night Renewal Treatment – insanely rich and velvety, this facial serum is like “magic in a bottle.” It will totally transform your skin overnight! Expect plump, vibrant skin (and lots of complements) the very next day. ($175)

5. May Lindstrom | The Blue Cocoon – this decadent and luxurious face balm is the cure to your winter blues. The blue tansy soothes and relieves inflamed skin while its aromatherapeutic scent calms anxiety and will lull you to a peaceful slumber. ($180)

6. May Lindstrom | The Honey Mud: both a cleanser and a masque, this silky, decadent concoction will make your skin feel so smooth, nourished, and loved. It’s like dessert for your face – you get all the chocolatey deliciousness without all the calories or the guilt. ($90)

7. Tracie Martyn | Enzyme Exfoliant Mask – this incredible mask is like a “facial in a jar.” Get your “hygge” on while you mask and let it work its magic. It gently exfoliates leaving your skin brighter and tighter. Your pores will thank you. ($90)

8. May Lindstrom | The Good Stuff – luxurious and sumptuous, this body oil is next-level. The cacao, rose, ylang-ylang, and lavender scent will transport you to warmer temperatures while giving you the most gorgeous glow. ($120)

9. Maya Chia | Supercritical Chia Waterless Balm – dry and chapped winter skin be gone! This “miracle balm” is intensely hydrating and healing and is the answer to all your skin woes. I never leave home without it! ($42)

10. Nuori | Lip Treat – this luscious lip balm nourishes and hydrates even the most driest, chapped lips. It seals in moisture and protects your lips while making them kissably soft! ($29)

11. Ayuna | Cream II – the perfect cream moisturizer to use both day and night, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated; more supple, smooth, and elastic. The addictive fruity-scent is an extra bonus! ($198)

12. Maya Chia | The Eye Achiever – this potent eye serum depuffs, firms, and revitalizes the eye area. Its formula is non-irritating and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes. The rollerball feels so soothing and cooling and helps the serum penetrate deeply into the skin. ($70)

13. In Fiore | Crème de Fleur Complexe Rejuvené – don’t let the lightweightedness of this moisturizer fool you! Its nutrient-rich formula hydrates and locks in moisture like no other. It plumps and preserves the skin beautifully. The aromatic floral scent will make you think of the warmer spring days ahead. ($150)

14. La Bella Figura | Barbary Fig Flower Hydrosol – simple and pure, the hydrosol provides a boost of hydration and balance prior to applying your face serum or moisturizer. The light floral scent of the Barbary Fig Flower is divine, so spritz away! ($50)

15. Vintner’s Daughter | Active Botanical Serum – this magic potion literally does it all. It’s the most perfect facial oil; lush; luxurious; lightweight, but still intensely hydrating; and beautifully-scented. Perfect for all skin types, you’ll want to use this gorgeous oil year-round. ($185)


Complexe De Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex
The Clean Slate Cleansing Balm
Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence
Aria Night Renewal Treatment
The Honey Mud
Enzyme Exfoliant Mask
Supercritical Chia Waterless Balm
Lip Treat
Cream II
The Eye Achiever
Crème de Fleur Complexe Rejuvené
Barbary Fig Flower Hydrosol
Active Botanical Serum


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